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We all have a set of daily habits that tend to dull our senses and an encourage us to lead a pretty basic life of existence where we find ourselves in the cycle of wake up, repeat and go to sleep. I developed the 5x2 method to help wake those senses back up and create a whole new way of thinking acting being and doing, so you can start living the life of happiness you deserve!

The 5x2 Method really help re-shape my days. When you work as much as I do days start to blend together and I forget that there is anything else. Chris showed me some very simple yet important steps to change the way I go through my days to make them more productive, enjoyable, and less stressful. I think this is a productive method to be considered by anyone who lives a fast paced life!

Kevin DeMattio - Invictus Access Control Technologies, CEO

“As an influencer, it’s important to have a clear mind to be able to share my passion confidently on social media platforms. The 5x2 Method is a simple routine that I apply daily to help improve my mindset and start every day off on a positive note. ”

Desi Perkins Social Media Influencer

As a doctor who specializes in helping patients improve overall quality of life, I’ve found The 5x2 Method fascinating. It’s a simple approach to using your senses and is one of the most powerful tools you can implement to optimize your quality of life and health. It will empower you to take your happiness into your own hands. I recommend this book to all of my patients.

Dr. George Shanlikian M.D. -
National leader in preventive health & hormone replacement

Chris DiVecchio's 5x2 method has awakened my senses. I realize the power of making change.  Stepping back from the ordinary, recreate the possibilities, and Implement my life plan- all has helped me press my reset button for success. I wake up with confidence knowing I have the tools to lead with courage.

Chef Dora Paular -



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