"I never could've imagined how much my life was going to change before I started working with Chris. He taught me about training and he taught me about nutrition, but most importantly he taught me about myself. The PMB Program encourages you to explore the truth about your current situation and help you design a lifestyle that gets you the results you're looking for mentally and physically. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about transforming their lives."

– Walter (6 month Platinum)


"I attribute the outstanding results to Chris. He is an amazing trainer. He knows his stuff and provides easy to follow instructions, but that’s not all. He is also very personable and caring. He has had my best interest at heart from the moment I first walked through the door, and he is always available to provide support. I could not have gotten to the place that I am today without PMB, and for that I am forever grateful! I would recommend PMB to anyone who is ready to make real and significant changes in their lives..."

– Mana (6 month Platinum)


"I finally decided that I wanted to something positive for myself, and contacted Chris about his 90-Day Transformation. He immediately responded to me with such enthusiasm that I felt instantaneously that I had made the right choice. He took the time to get to know me and my habits so that he could design the perfect program specifically for me. Upon our first session, I knew without a doubt that Chris is the best at what he does. He provided me with the emotional support necessary to overcome my own doubts and fears, and proved to me that I am capable of anything when I put my mind to it."

– Patrick (3 month Platinum)


"Chris was able to develop a remote program for me that allowed me to have a customized workout plan, meal plan and a vitamin regimen all geared toward my goals. In a very short time, I saw how much I could accomplish with less time in the gym and taking in foods and vitamins that were targeted for me. Balance! It amazed me what I was able to achieve with his expertise and guidance in a remote format. If anyone were to ask me about working with Chris I would tell them to jump at the chance. If you are truly looking to change your life in all facets this is the person and the company to help you do just that...."

– Erin (6 month Gold remote)


"For me Chris is not a personal trainer, he is a game changer. He literally changed how I have approached my lifestyle as it pertains to my mental and physical wellness. Most “trainers,” in my experience, run you through exercises without really understanding the client. Chris truly customizes his program to each person and then goes above and beyond with constant communication. You can tell he truly cares about each person he works with and is the most passionate person I know about fitness and general balance in life. I'm so happy that I made the choice to commit to working with Chris and would recommend him to anyone looking for that change they desire...."

– Evan (6 month Gold remote)